"The supernatural Club Lingerie. That is where I first encountered ROSEMARY'S BILLYGOAT. Attempting to offend the religious right, Mike Odd, the post-mortem pyro-technician opened the show "nailed" to a fuzzy crucifix. A demonic face and vocal siege washed over the audience making them his cult. Neal Gargantua's leads, like a convoy of Jack-knifed big rigs careening down Interstate 666 sent out a sig-alert to all of Los Angeles. Neal invents riffs that do not exist! Paul Bearer punished his drums with the force of a stampede of Dominatrix. Pat Trick goosed the bass strings. Each thump flogged my chest. I was breathless at the end of it all.

If you enjoy the theatrics of GWAR and MARILYN MANSON, if you can appreciate eclectic music genius ranging from the BUTTHOLE SURFERS to BLACK SABBATH, then get down on your knees and worship at the altar of ROSEMARY'S BILLGOAT!

So, partake in a slice of pentagram pizza, watch as Barbie gets drilled, dodge the sparks from a rickety electric chair and lick the gold of the leprechaun."


Greg Hetson,